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Live Sex Shows in the Philippines


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The following was received in a pm from a member of the Art Forums - and below is my reply.

Anyone got any useful info. on where to see live sex shows in the Philippines? I think this particular member was more interested in Lesbian stuff and simple stripping, rather than hard core fucking and sucking...

Hi ther,

Hope you have now recovered from the disaster. Me and my friend got so fired on the pics from the bars in manila that we decided to go there for nexr vacation. Do you have any advice for 2 horny str8 men who like live shows. Where to go and what to pay and what not 2 do


I am not an expert on the live show scene. What I would suggest is that you take out a free membership of the Top Shelf Forums and send a pm (Private Message) to my good friend, Abacus

He is the guy that shot all that bar scenes stuff.

From what I can see, he had a great deal of fun in Angeles City, which is a few hour's drive North of Manila. I know there are supposed to be some great places in and around Manila too. Most of the good hotels have their own retained drivers and they are the best people to ask. But obviously, DON'T ask a normal taxi-driver as you never know where he is going to take you...

I will start a new topic on the Top Shelf Forums, Under "Sex Talk" for you. The topic will be called "Live Shows in the Philippines" and I'll ask abacus if he can contribute anything towards the topic.

When are you coming over to Manila? If you are ever in the Ermita area, I could certainly show you around there. (Plenty of bars, bargirls, free-lancers, pick-up girls... Whatever turns you on!!!) (But no live shows... At least, none that I am aware of. Although I'm sure that a private show with the girls could be arranged!)

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2 answers to this question

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You could start by going to your favorite bar and dicussing your needs with one of the Mamasans. But you must tell her exactly what you are looking for. If your aim is photography or video make sure you let the girls know before hand and negotiate a price around your needs. Don't try tricking the girls or they will walk out on you. Some might even turn the tables on you and go to the Police. So don't try to be smart. They maybe sluts but they deserve your respect, especially since you are in their country and they possess what you want. Besides you may learn to admire their sluttery as much we do.

A good way to find live sex in any major city in PI is to find a good cab driver and ask him to take you to the 'Apartments".

These are a place usually operated by some miserable bastard who just exploits young girls. He provides accommodation to girls and boys who are required to perform what ever a customer wishes in sort of semi private rooms. The costs are around US$30 for one hour show with a girl & boy, or 2 girls or even 2 boys.

There are Apartments all over Manila, Cebu and Bacolod that I know of, but the standard of girl is not exactly what you call 'stunners'. They are usually ones not pretty enough to work in bars.

One word of warning: You will often find underage girls and boys working in these places, so be very careful in who you choose for your show. Don't say you weren't warned. Be smart a check the girls ID first then her age.

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Abacus could start posting his own pictures & not taking them from other people.I notice a lot of my pictures are posted without permission.

Abacus is a fraud stating they are all his pictures.

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